November 2018 Printable Calendar Template

Hey guys, Today you all come in our website in search of November 2018 Calendar. I welcome you all to the new and exciting month of the 2018 year i.e. November and you all have many planning’s for this month. And I hope the November month will be more exciting for all of the remainings. I hope this will fulfill all of your needs for what you are searching for.

November 2018 Calendar


As we all work on an average about 12-14 hours in a day. The reason why I have provided you November Printable Calendar for knowing you about the how time is precious to us. How you can manage the time because as we all know “Time and Tide Waits for None”. As we all know how time is precious to all and today you all are here in search of the Calendar which will let you know about the importance of time. This Printable Calendar will give the proper way of using the Calendar and will let you know about the importance of Time Management. I hope this calendar will provide you all what you want and you all should be aware of it for uses of the Printable Calendars.


The generation of Calendars is very old. People are using the calendars from the past many years. Today new generation requires the new way of using the Calendar. That’s why we have provided you the best and easiest way to use the Calendar i.e. Printable Calendar. The trend of using printable calendars is increasing day by day. This Printable Calendar has attracted many people, shows many ways how an individual can see the world by its self. Earlier calendars were available in the hard formats and these calendars were not so easy to carry and then these printable format calendars were introduced.


You can easily get the hard copy of the printable calendar, you just need to do is just to print it and get a hard copy of the calendar and you can carry a single page of paper and you can even past in your room for the important markings and which will keeps you away from carrying a heavy calendar. In this article below you will see that there are so many things you will get here. If you think you are not up to that level of using the calendar, then there is no harm in using the Calendar. We have provided you the best and easiest of using it. You do not require any extra skills for using the calendar. Printable Calendar will be highly effective for you all and help you in any way and serve you for better future.

November 2018 Printable Calendar

The printable calendars are blessings for all of you because these printable calendars will help you to set your schedule and with the help of a table, you can quickly set your priorities and events. As you all know that how important is planning for all of you and every successful person plans out for their success. If you are moving towards the success we have provided the November printable calendar. The only thing is you have only need to download the calendar from the internet.

These calendars are not the miracles but these are the tools that will show you the way that will lead to the success and will tell you the important dates and upcoming events for which you all have programmed. If you want to write important information on the calendar then you can easily write it because there are lot many spaces between them.

These calendars are mainly used by working peoples, students, business professionals etc. I know you all people are here in search for the Printable Calendars, then here in this article, we have discussed lot more about the handy calendars for you. At that timetable, I have given some space for the Goals that you want to achieve in the whole month. It is the humble request from all you that if you want that your children may achieve the great success then download this printable calendar.


Calendar 2018 November with Holidays

 One thing I have experienced in my life that Holidays should not be the waste. Holidays are the best thing that helps you to enjoy with your family and friends and with your loved ones. November is a wonderful month for planning a holiday in India. Weather in the November month is cool and dry. As you can compare with the previous month, this month (November) is highly rich for festivals. There are many cultural and religious festivals in November as well. India is known for its religions and cultures.

India is a country of numerous religions and cultures. Festivals in India are celebrated throughout the year and are spread across the world. And the grand celebrations of some of the festivals in November are not to be missed. Our printable calendar has provided you all the list of holidays by which you all can get prepared for it previously.

Religious festivals in November 2018


  • Diwali- the festival of light

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the greatest festival in Indian history and is celebrated through the country and it is mainly the Hindu festival and it is a festival of lights and is celebrated every year. Indian History says Light took victory over darker. It is not fixed that on which day Diwali is celebrated, it mainly takes place in between the mid- October and mid- November. As it is the festival of light and it is celebrated in the night so people burn the candle and prepare the various delicious food for the God.



  • Veteran Day


Veterans Day is one of the greatest festivals in the US. The people of USA gives the honor and gives thanks to all the men and women who have served life for the nation. Ceremonies are held across the nation by remembering them. At the time of World War II, over 12 to 15 million men and women served in the military and result in the death of 500000. Every year President of USA places the wreath on the tomb of soldiers.

  • Black Friday

Black Friday is served as one of the busiest day in the American history. Black Friday is marked as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. People in the US with massive crowd come out of there house for shopping. The history says Black Friday is celebrated because profit in the business comes from red to black. Previously business was going in a loss so it was marked as red, then by the time business becomes profitable and then it takes the growth in the business and then business goes from being red to the black.


  • Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving day is celebrated through the world by giving thanks to our family member and the other elder one in the family for giving birth to us and for the better life. People on this day gathered together with all the family member and all prayers to God for the life with you given to us and food to eat. And it is a humble request from you all that please help all the homeless people as many as you can so that they may have the better.

November 2018 Calendar PDF

Click here for :- November-Calendar-2018 pdf

As we all know that in today’s world everything is available in PDF form. PDF provides the best way to keep the information in the shorter size. PDF capture the information in the form of electronic and that information cannot only be viewed but some insertion portion can also be done. This November Calendar in PDF format gives you the detailed information about the calendar where you can perform some editable task and you can edit it before printing it.

The PDF format is made for the final touch only which means you cannot make the modification on the calendar you can only have the view on it. This will printable will provide you the satisfaction because the matter which we have provided you all is accurate, you will be satisfied with it. Previously these types of the format were not available in the market, but nowadays IT sector have made the things easily available and with the less cost.Technologies have been increasing day by day from past few years.

Yes, it is true that calendars are very useful and helpful and it also provides the various themes in the various format and now it’s up to you which format is best suitable for you all. In the previous section, I have lot more about the blank Printable calendar and its importance in today’s world.


November 2018 Calendar with Notes


As we are with the start of November month, then we must start with the things which can bring change in our day to day life. The change in some may feel like we are entering into the new world. And we all have to keep entering in the new world and earn something new. As we all want to make our future best as we can make so we have to analyze it and maintain the report which can try in achieving the new to live.

People are facing many problems in their life. You cannot keep the focus on the work which is given to you. The problem behind all these is the laziness towards the work. I can sure you all, you will overcome on this if you will go through the printable calendar.

We cannot give you the complete detail about the calendar but we can provide you the short notes so that you can easily understand it because the short description gives the better result. Notes give the best way of understanding the things. Hence it is highly recommended to all of you that please download this printable calendar.

November Calendar 2018 Word

As we all know that word files are the shorter files from all the remaining. They are much similar to the PDF one Or we can say that both are correlated to each other. The format in which the printable calendars are written is very useful and helpful. Here our website has provided you the printable calendar in the word format. You can easily download it and viewed on the mobile phone or desktop.

The thing is that we have provided you the file the thing is that you only have to download the file and have to view it, if you think you have to access over it and have to edit something then we have provided the edit options.

Word files are easy to use, if you are new to the desktop then there will be no problem in accessing in using it. As word files provide the best way of understanding the things in an easy way.

Click here for :- November 2018 Calendar word

November 2018 Blank Calendar

Here in the printable calendar, we have provided the blank space. In this blank calendar, you can write how you can start your day, you can have marked over it and can insert the various information regarding timetable, parties, and will let you about your important schedules which you mark here easily. We have kept the calendar blank so that you can write the important information regarding anything which you feel important for you and I am damn sure that this printable calendar will be very useful for you all and will be very helpful for you all for future use and it will best time-consuming.

The blank calendar provides you the special feature of writing the important notes or date on the blank space which is provided to you. And it is the humble request from you all that please have a look at it and see it and mark the important thing which you think will be important for you.


2018 November Calendar with Dates


Previously you have used many calendars where for have marked the various meeting, events purposes, but this calendar is too different from all the remaining. But the best thing which will let you know about is the editable options. In this printable Calendar, we have provided the best editable option which will help you all in seeing the printable calendar. You can easily have over it and can perform some editable task on it.


Here is the suggestion for you all, if you are not regular towards the calendar then go through the calendar regularly because In the calendar I have mentioned some of the important dates which can be very useful for you all and can provide some better outputs. These printable calendars are available in the various form you can download any one of them, it’s your choice. The main reason for using the calendar in regular use is to make the regular report. The work which you are doing you can make the report on it and mark the days, on which day which report is done or is to be done. I think this printable calendar will give you a lot of motivation.



Download November 2018 Calendar Excel

We have also provided the November Calendar in the Excel format so that you can easily get it what you want, the main thing is that you cannot easily have access over it. That Excel format are available on internet you have to download it so that the thing which you want can easily be to get it. Regarding the Excel format, the main thing is that it helps you to edit and modifies the programs which you have kept for your future use.

If you are thinking that weather it will be difficult to work on excel format then you are wrong. I know as it will be the new pattern for you all but the thing is that, it is too easy from any other format. Any individual can have access over it. Anyone can use it from any place, but the individual must have the desktop or any other medium like mobile, tab etc.

We have provided the lots many cells which will give you lots much space to work on it and perform some additional operations on it. Be the first to download the Calendar in Excel format, open it and have a look towards it. The thing is to notice that see the difference between the format of excel and the old one Calendar format you will see that there are lot many differences and see that how easy is to work on an Excel sheet. You need not have to make some space in Excel sheet, we have provided you lot many cells and rows which will provide you to work on it.I can promise you all that when you will start working on the Excel sheet it will clear you all and Excel will become a friend of yours and will become easy if you will use the Excel format printable calendar.

Click here for :- November-2018-Calendar Excel 


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final words So download the calendar of your choice from our website and manage your time. Here I am remembering a saying which is told by my teacher when I was in my 10th standard.

“If time once lost can never be recalled”

It means if once you lost your time then you can never call it again to download the calendar from here.